Our Story

The shake of long grass and wildflowers, the shade beneath the boughs of an old oak. Stone skimming, skylarking, sunbathing. A patchwork of fields in a shallow valley, the cool comfort at the heart of ancient woodland, pebbles waiting for the tide.

Alix Lawson Home is inspired by nature: harnessing the colours and textures of different landscapes to create spaces that are minimal and beautiful.

Our fabric collections are fabrics for understated interiors – whether in the English countryside, a Balearic villa or a London apartment. These are approachable fabrics that are easy to style and endlessly versatile for a stripped-back aesthetic that manages to be both timeless and contemporary.

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Interior design

Alix Lawson Studio represents contemporary minimalism, a blend of Scandinavian, Australian and Japanese design styles striving to bring tranquillity and intelligent design into homes.



Alix believes choosing white paint should be simple. So she created the only five shades you’ll ever need.